Blue Bream - Russian fishing 4

The Blue Bream is a fish of the carp family, genus bream. Its native range is much smaller, than that of bream. It lives in the reservoirs of Central Europe and European Russia, but doesn’t reach lakes Ladoga and Onega. The blue bream doesn’t occur in the basins of the White Sea, the Barents Sea and the Aral Sea. It lives only in freshwater rivers and lakes and doesn’t move to the sea. Blue bream’s diet is based on zooplankton, insect larvae and aquatic plants. Its body is flat, like that of all breams. Its back is bluish gray, its sides and belly are silvery white with little gold shimmer. The blue bream's unpaired fins are gray, while the pectoral fins are yellow, with a dark edge. It is distinguished from other breams by smaller scales and a long anal fin. Its mouth is turned upwards. Most blue bream reach the length of 30 cm (rarely more than 40 cm). Their average weight is 500 to 600 g.

Minimum - maximum fish weight

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Coordinates where Blue Bream was spotted

Volkhov River
Winding Rivulet
Akhtuba River