Perch - Russian fishing 4

The Perch is one of the most widespread freshwater fish species in Europe and Russia. It prefers flatland rivers and lakes with flowing water. Perch is a nimble and voracious predator. Usually its prey includes not only smaller fish (even of its own species), but also various invertebrates, e.g. crayfish, and fish roe. Perch outstrips pike in voracity. Its maximum length is 50 cm, its average weight is about 1.5 kg. Large specimens weight up to 4 kg. The perch is beautifully and vividly colored: the back is dark green, flanks are greenish yellow and crossed with dark stripes. Caudal, anal and pelvic fins are scarlet, pectoral fins are yellow. There are sharp spikes on the opercula. Be careful to avoid injury.

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