Burbot - Russian fishing 4

The Burbot is a fish of Lotidae (cod-like) family. It is an exceptionally freshwater species. The burbot prefers cold temperatures and like all other cod-like fish species occurs only in the northern hemisphere. It lives in lakes in Europe, Asia and America, it is also common in most Siberian rivers. It likes clean and cold water and stony bottom. Burbot avoids sunlight. The most comfortable water temperature for it is below 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit). When water temperature exceeds 15 degrees, the burbot stops feeding and hibernates, it may remain in such state for several weeks. In the autumn as the temperature drops, burbot becomes more active. Adult burbot feed on small fish and occasionally on insect larvae, crustaceans and frogs. The burbot’s body is elongated and flattened on its sides, there are two dorsal and one big pelvic fin. The head is flat and wide. There is one unpaired barbel on its chin. Its scales are small, deeply embedded in skin and richly covered with slime. The back is usually grayish green with olive shade and brownish black spots. The throat and the belly are whitish gray. Burbot’s maximum body length is about 60 to 70 cm, its weight doesn't exceed 3 kg.

Minimum - maximum fish weight

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Coordinates where Burbot was spotted

Seversky Donets River
Lower Tunguska River
Kuori Lake
Belaya River