Smelt - Russian fishing 4

The European Smelt is a species of fish in the family Osmeridae. They are widespread in the water bodies of the northern hemisphere. European smelt lives in the Baltic sea and the Northern sea, in Onega lake and Ladoga lake, as well as in the lakes of Northern Europe. Smelt shoals school in the deep water, moving to the top water for spawning. It feeds on plankton, small crabs and crayfish, and whitefish (including young fish of its own species). The body of all Osmeridae is typically small and slender, resembling a spindle in shape and covered with fragile scales. It is dark on the dorsal surface and silvery along the flanks. Smelt is famous for its fresh cucumber smell. Adult smelt’s average weight ranges from 100 to 200 g, its length is about 20 cm. The undersized (from 5 to 10 cm in length) subspecies found in lakes are known as whitebait.

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Ladoga Lake