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The Sevan Trout (Ishkhan). Ishkhan translated from the Armenian means "Prince". The natural habitat of this trout is in lake Sevan in Armenia. Subsequently, these fish were settled in other reservoirs. There are several common forms of Sevan trout: Namely Gegharkuni, Bojak, as well as summer and winter Bakhtak. In the period of foraging, these fish are silvery-white with a steel colored back. There are often a few dark spots though they are never x-shaped, like other trout. During spawning males darken, their fins becoming almost black and on the sides of the body they develop two to three red spots. Female breeding coloration is expressed only slightly. It is the largest kind of trout occurring in the territory of the former USSR. In large lakes such as lake Sevan or Issyk-Kul, there are individuals weighing more than 15 kg. The average weight of an adult fish is 2 kg.

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