Dace - Russian fishing 4

The Dace is a fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae. It is widespread in Europe, in Crimea, in Caucasus, in Siberia (except for the basin of the Pacific Ocean). It occurs in rivers and lakes with flowing water, staying in the areas with a firm sandy or stony bottom. Usually it lives in shoals. It is timid and cautious reacting to loud sounds. Dace feeds on insects and their larvae, small mollusks, sprouts of aquatic plants. Its back is bluish gray, the belly is silvery white, fins are gray with yellowish shade. The front rays of its fins are always darker than the others. The body is moderately squared, slightly flattened along flanks. It differs from the chub with the shape and color of its anal fin. Dace has a slightly sinuate gray or yellowish anal fin, whereas chub’s anal fin is scarlet and the ide has crimson red pelvic and anal fins and smaller scales. The dace is a small fish. An average adult dace is from 15 to 17 cm long and weights from 250 to 350 g.

Minimum - maximum fish weight

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Coordinates where Dace was spotted

Volkhov River
Seversky Donets River