Sichel - Russian fishing 4

Sichel also known as sabrefish is a valuable commercial fish, belonging to the cyprinid family and categorized as gregarious fish by its lifestyle. Its habitat is rather extensive. This freshwater fish occurs in most water bodies of Europe and Asia. Its diet includes food of both animal or vegetable origin. Young fish mainly feeds on zooplankton and phytoplankton, whereas basic components of adult's diet are insects, larvae, worms and fry. Sichel’s laterally flattened body shape resembles a saber. Its back is straight, the belly is protruded downwards, the lower jaw is strongly curved upward. Sichel's back is grayish tawny, its flanks and belly are silvery white, its dorsal and the caudal fins are gray, the lower fins are reddish; its silvery eyes are rather big. The length of an adult sichel normally doesn’t exceed 20-30 cm, its weight amounting to about 150-200 g. Particular specimen may reach a length up to 50 cm and weight about 800 to 900 g.

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