White-eye Bream - Russian fishing 4

The White-eye Bream is a fish of cyprinid family, that divides into a form with non-migratory life cycle and a semi-diadromous form. The white-eye bream lives in big European rivers: the Danube, the Dniestr, the Bug River, the Dniepr, the Don River, the Volga, the Kama River and the Vyatka River. It occurs in Kuybyshev, Saratov and Volgograd reservoirs as well as in the Volkhov River and the Northern Dvina. It prefers water bodies with moderate or strong currents. Adult fish stay in the deep water, young fish gather in the shallows. The white-eye bream feeds on small crustaceans, mollusks, mosquito larvae and other insects. It finds food in the bottom water, also gripping silt and detritus. It is distinguished from other bream species by the longest anal fin and big eyes (up to 30% of head length) with white iris. Its silvery body is flatter and more elongated, than that of bream. Its fins are grayish, unpaired fins are darker on the edge. The white-eye bream reaches a length of slightly more than 40 cm and a weight up to 1 kg. Its maximum weight is 1.5 kg.

Minimum - maximum fish weight

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Coordinates where White-eye Bream was spotted

Akhtuba River