Grass Carp - Russian fishing 4

The Grass Carp - also known as White Amur Carp - is a valuable commercial fish. It is the only species of the genus white cupids, belongs to the family of carp. It Inhabits the waters of East Asia to southern China. The carp prefers abundantly overgrown ponds, because it feeds exclusively on plant foods. Moreover, it eats both aquatic and terrestrial plants (for example, in the form of mown grass thrown into the water). When artificial breed, it becomes omnivorous. The body is elongated and flattened laterally. Fins are gray, the dorsal and caudal are more dark. The coloring of scales on the back go from greenish to gray-yellow, flanks with golden tint. The belly is light golden. Pharyngeal teeth are two-rowed and can heavily serrate. The grass carp is a large fish, large specimens reach 30 kg and a length of more than 1 m.

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