The Amber Lake, coordinates: 168.81

Bottom fishing rod

35m PVA oder Futterrakete: Hanfsamenmehl Gewürzmischung 12 (gemahlen) Magischer Hanf Feed Pellets 7 Muschel Feed Pellets 8 Zuckmückenlarven Zuckmückenlarvenextrakt Mit Pop-up Rig mit 2 PopUp Maiskörnern Gewürzmischung 16 oder 20 Pop-up Gewürze als Mais und Hot Devil Dip Leadcore braun VF 40cm rot 36kg

Remember that catch points need to be given a break. If the biting is over, it should take a little time before the fish reappears in the empty place.

Also, do not forget about the phases when one fish replaces another for a certain period of time.

Being on the point, you can navigate by the chat that is being caught at the moment.

Here you can catch the following types of fish:



The Amber Lake

Required level: 26

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