River mussel - Russian fishing 4

Description and natural occurrence: River mussels (Unio) are a genus within the Unionidae family. It is found widely in flowing and still waters in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East; one species also in East Asia. When a river mussel moves on the bottom, it leaves a jagged path behind; therefore it is easy to discover them. The mussel belongs to the food spectrum of almost all fish species, as it is an excellent source of pure protein. As an excellent fishing lure the foot of the river mussel is used. Ideally, this is used in combination with other baits. It should be noted that the other bait should be similar to shellfish in consistency. For example, if you combine river mussel meat with a cockchafer larva, you will get an excellent bait for big bream or catfish. To catch a big tench, you can combine river mussel meat with a worm or a maggot. Nutrition: River mussels filter algae, suspended particles and small plankton out of the water. Dimensions: The river mussel is oval with a circumference of 5-10 cm.

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Coordinates where River mussel was spotted

Volkhov River