Rudd - Russian fishing 4

Rudd is a fish of cyprinid family. Its Russian name, meaning "red-fin", is associated with the bright coloration of its fins. Rudd is common in rivers and lakes in the middle and southern part of the CIS. By its appearance it resembles roach, but unlike the latter it prefers weeds to the open water. Rudd's main habitats are bays and oxbow lakes, as well as ponds and lakes with flowing water, where reed, cane and other aquatic plants are abundant. Its diet mainly consists of plant food. It can also feed on crustaceans, mollusks, insects and their larvae. Rudd's body is flattened laterally and covered with relatively large golden scales, its fins are red, its eyes are orange. An average adult rudd with a body length between 16 and 19 cm weights about 100 to 400 g. Particular specimens can reach 2 kg in weight and a length of 51 cm.

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Coordinates where Rudd was spotted

Seversky Donets River