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The Black Carp or the so-called black Chinese Roach is a species of cyprinid fish. It is native to Amur Basin and rivers of Southern China. It can be cultivated in ponds. It prefers fresh water, but may live in brackish water. Black carp has massive pharyngeal teeth with well-developed mastication surfaces enabling it to eat mollusks which constitute the basis of its diet. Its body and fins are dark, almost black. The body is oblong and covered with dense scales. Black carp are a large fish that grows quickly. By the end of the first year of its life it may reach 10 cm in length. An adult black carp at the age of 7-8 years is more than 80 cm long and weights up to 30 kg. In Russia, it is listed among threatened species and is protected by the state. In China, it is considered as a food fish.

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